Our relationship is ending. Can couples therapy save us?

Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that I can save your relationship. You may come in at the point where you and/or your partner have carried your hurt, pain, and anger for so long that it just isn't possible for the relationship to recover. In this situation we'll work together to ease the pain and challenges involved in separating.

Yet, you may come in for marriage therapy or couples counseling with little hope only discover a well of resilience that neither of you knew existed. I don't know your story yet, but what I can do is assist you and your partner in identifying the negative patterns that have become entrenched between you and help you find your alternatives that are non-defensive, constructive and honest. In that space, there is much more room for possibilities.

When an open non-defensive space is developed, often couples can get in touch with the feelings that first brought them together. From this place couples can work through their conflict and create a stronger and more resilient relationship.Robert Mitchell PhD.