Anxiety therapy with Robert Mitchell PhD

Anxiety Therapy in Belmont California

Worrying about things and feeling anxious is a normal human trait that serves a purpose, but too much worrying can negatively affect the quality of life. If left to run wild, chronic states of anxiety can affect job performance, relationships, or other aspects of daily life. Rather than a pleasure, life becomes a persistent litany of worries, fears and phobias that never ends.

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At Searching Pathways Therapy in Belmont, CA, I provide anxiety treatment services to people at all levels of anxiety in a caring and professional environment. We will work to better understand and manage the physical and psychological effects of your anxiety. By examining the causes of the anxiety, we identify the emotions associated with them, and explore ways to control repetitive thoughts and behaviors. My goal is to enable my clients to experience freedom from the effects of anxiety and improve the quality of their lives.Robert Mitchell PhD.

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