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Psychological Therapy Frequently Asked Questions



How do you work with clients? What can I expect from you?

I tend to notice patterns and how they might keep you stuck. If I notice something, I might inquire if it may apply to you, but I'll not assume that I'm right. I don't know you better that you know yourself. I tend to be non-judgmental, realizing that there is rarely one “right way” to do anything. Yet at the same time, I've observed there often are more efficient ways to do some things and we may discover this together. Therapy with me can be light. I have a sense of humor and it often comes out, but I can also stay with you in your darkest places.
I can be deeply curious and may ask a lot of questions (this drove my grade school teachers crazy but serves me well now). One client once described me as "a compassionate psychological Sherlock Holmes," uncovering her shrouded mechanisms of unexplored defenses. At other times I act as a caring confidant who can stay with you in your pain. If you choose to see me, expect that we will be looking at your life objectively (cognitively from the head), as well as emotionally (feelings from the heart).
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How will I know if you are the right counselor for me?

Its really important that you feel comfortable and that our personalities mesh. Read my About Robert section and to get a feel for me. Call and talk to me to get a sense of what I might be like and also enquire if I work well with your specific issues. But best way to get a sense of whether we are a good fit or not is by coming in for a session. It's vital that you feel comfortable and my feelings won't be hurt if you assess that we are not well suited for each other. If that situation should arise, I will do my best to refer you to someone who may be better for you and your issue.
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Do you work with people of all ages?

Yes, I work with people from 14 to 94!
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Are my counseling sessions confidential?

Yes. I'm legally and ethically mandated to keep everything we discuss confidential. There are some exceptions to this confidentiality which we will discuss and you will be fully informed before we begin. Click here if you would like to know more right now, or call me if you have some concerns.
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What will happen when I go to see you for the first time?

I usually start by just going over the confidentiality part of the paperwork. You will then be invited to tell me as much as you feel comfortable about you and what brought you in. The more details you can give me, the better. If this sounds uncomfortable to you because you don't generally talk about your issues, don't worry. I won't force you to disclose anything you don't want to, nor are you expected to tell your entire life history in the first few sessions. I may have thoughts, reflections, questions and possible suggestion which I will offer, but none will be offered without your approval. I wish to underscore again the importance of your comfort in telling me what's going on. If you're uncomfortable, please listen to that and don't push forward without us exploring that. It may be resistance, but I may also not be the right person for you. If that is the case I will do my best to help you find someone better suited to you and your needs.
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How often will I attend therapy sessions?

Its not one size fits all, but the best outcomes for therapy are associated with consistency. In other words counseling sessions should be scheduled and attended regularly. Together we'll determine how often you'll attend, based on your needs and schedule, which may be a couple of times a week, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. In my experience, most people achieve positive outcomes from therapy attend weekly.
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How long will therapy take?

I wish I had a perfect answer to that. Every person is different in terms of length. Each situation is different, but after we meet, I'll have a better sense of that and, of course, I'm open to discussing it at any time during the counseling process.
With that said, one of the best predictor for how long your therapy will take is to look back over your life. How long have you had the issue which has brought you here? How were things before the current issue started? If you've been relatively happy all your life and this is something new with a cause you can point to, you may only need as little as one to two sessions of good therapy to put you back on track. Sometimes a depression is caused by physical exhaustion which is easily addressed by taking a real vacation! If things are pretty good in most areas of your life or in your relationship(s) but there are a few things causing you problems, then you may just need to learn some simple life skills.
If you've had some persistent problems plaguing you throughout your life, it may take a little longer. In cases where (as a child) a person's growth and development were sabotaged by abuse, ignorance, poor parenting or traumatic life experiences, then treatment will take some time.
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How long do I have to wait for an initial counseling session?

The most accurate to way to answer that right now is to go onto my online appointment schedular and find an availability that works for you. This is found in the Appointments section under the Getting Started tab. People are usually able to book an individual or couples counseling appointments within a week or two at the latest.
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