Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

I meet a lot of people who tell me that they were once deeply in love, but somewhere along the way their intense feelings and sense of excitement seemed to change into what they have now. Some of these people say their relationship feels isolated and lonely, as if they're roommates sharing the same house. They tell me they live together in quiet civility but long for connection. Then there are the other couples who say they are so filled with hurt and anger that they're constantly snaping at each other which leads to arguing, yelling or just shutting down. With both types of couples, they often tell me they feel conflicted between a desire to regain the love and connection they thought they'd have, or just giving up and moving on.


Coming Back to Love

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapyis are ways of moving beyond and recovering from the problems that brought you here. It's about recognizing and changing the parts of your relationship that didn't work. In couples counseling, you'll discover ways to communicate with each other so that you both feel deeply heard and understood. You may finally lay to rest that same fight that you guys have been recycling over and over. Couples therapy can also be a place where you accept each other's differences and support each other in a way that doesn't feel like a sacrifice of who you are and what you want. With me, couples therapy often a includes recapturing those earlier moments by discovering how they fell away. It is often a journey back from unproductive stagnant patterns to a place of treasured belonging, acceptance and inclusion.


Couples Therapy with Robert

When I work with couples, my focus is on the relationship. At first I watch and assess some of the things you guys do that might not be working as effectively as they could. I'll bring light to traps or moments where your partner shuts down or reacts. Together we'll find ways to express yourself that can be heard and accepted. I offer a non-judgmental environment that focuses on mutual respect for both of you as individuals as well as what is best for you as couple and for your family. If this feels like a space where you can work and if you suspect that we might be a good fit, then please know that you can schedule an appointment online or set up an appointment by calling (650) 394-4473.

Robert Mitchell PhD.