Individual Therapy in Belmont California

I see people individually throughout the Bay Area for different reasons. Some of those who benefit from seeing me include people who:

  • * can't find love;
  • * are unsure about their current relationship;
  • * are trying to get over a bad relationship;
  • * have been wronged;
  • * want to get past feeling hurt or angry;
  • * are no longer on the right track;
  • * are doing things that they want to stop (e.g., compulsions or addictions);
  • * are doing things and questioning whether to stop;
  • * aren't in touch with their feelings;
  • * struggle to control their feelings (e.g., Depression, Anger, Anxiety);
  • * are spiritually minded and wish to do work in a setting where their beliefs are respected and explored;
  • * are atheists and agnostics who want to do work in a setting where their views are respected;


Located in Belmont California, Searching Pathways Therapy offers psychological services to the residents throughout the Bay Area. If you have a sense that I may be the right therapist for you, then please know that you can schedule an appointment online or set up an appointment by calling (650) 394-4473. I look forward to meeting you.

Robert Mitchell PhD.