Just for Fun

Movies often portray psychologists in quite a negative light. Some of my colleagues are offended by many of these representations, but I can't say I always agree with them. Yes, I admit I feel uncomfortable when an arrogant and cold-hearted “Dr. Rigid” administers some treatment (electroshock or mind-numbing injection) with a resolve that is both dispassionate and authoritarian. I feel disturbed when “Dr. Evil” manipulates and/or abuses patients for his own sadistic pleasures.

I also feel angry when “Dr. Line-Crosser” does not adhere the ethical standards of our profession. For me, The Sopranos jumped another shark when Dr. Melfi's supervisor disclosed the identity of her famous client at a dinner party. And sorry Barbara Streisand, but you can't hookup with your clients or people in a close relationship to them. (Click here for more).

But I love “Dr. Dippy!” He (or she) is the well meaning and often ineffectual clinician who appears more screwed up than his or her patients. I don't know how many times I've seen Stranger Than Fiction, but I believe for as many times I've watched this film, I've seen this scene at least twice. I don't know why I find this part so funny. Perhaps it is because this well-intentioned clinician misses so many cues from Will Ferrell, or perhaps this “Dr. Dippy” rings way too true to some colleagues I've had the pleasure to meet. But for whatever reason, I love watching the bumbling clinicians.

If you have a favorite therapist scene of any type and are inclined to share it, I would enjoy the link or recommendation (robert@SearchingPathways.com). And if we should work together and I at some point embody “Dr. Dippy”, please let me know. I imagine we might both have a good laugh.Robert Mitchell PhD.